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Bitten_Cover_Amazon_Front_Final2When Ally heads out for a night of fun, she is determined to meet the man of her dreams at the trendiest club in town. Armed with her girlfriends, she is drawn to a mysterious stranger leaning against the bar. She is mesmerized; Her friends, not as much. Something was peculiar about him. Despite her friends’ protests, she follows him outside and soon realizes that her world will never be the same.

Thrown into a completely different realm, with foes at every corner, she now understands, for the first time, that she will need to fight for her new love and overcome obstacles that will truly test her strength, determination and will.

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Stolen_Amazon_frontWhen a shackled Ally awakes inside a cold, damp jail cell, she quickly remembers that her life has taken a sudden wrong turn. Her friends, also incarcerated, are swiftly brought up to date and now fear for their lives. How did get Ally stuck in a vampiric love triangle? Will they ever be freed? Worst still, Ally was in mid-transformation and she was getting quite…thirsty.

Benedict was possibly her only hope.

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